The first 72 hours following a stay at the hospital and/or rehabilitation center are critical in preventing re-hospitalization. A Better Solution is here to offer a seamless transition home. We also, promote a healthy positive environment. The customizable package helps the patient and their family manage the discharge process. Often times the patient was not planning on being admitted to the hospital, therefore their home may not be post-hospitalization friendly. They may sometimes require life style adjustments. Our team is here to support everyone involved, assist in the recovery of the patient, and offer peace of mind for their loved ones.

Our Welcome Home Package Includes:

  • Free consultation/assessment and personalized Care Plan. Preferably prepared prior to discharge.
  • One of our experienced/screened/bonded/insured caregivers will meet the client at the hospital/facility to assist the initial transition. They will obtain any prescriptions and discharge instructions from the hospital/facility. If needed the caregiver will fill any required prescriptions/over the counter medications.
  • Safety recommendations around the home, clearing paths, reducing fall hazards/risks.
  • Ongoing support with errands, grocery shopping, prescription pick up, housekeeping, pet assistance, any other challenges that may arise.
  • Maintaining fresh and clean bedding and linens to reduce sickness, infections, and allergies
  • Medication reminders, rehabilitation exercise prompts, physical and emotional support and companionship.
  • Meal planning, preparation, and serving. Encouraging a balanced nutrition and regular hydration. While following any diet restrictions set forth by doctors/discharge orders.
  • Transportation to any follow-up appointments, rehabilitation sessions, personal events.
  • Regular updates on status of the client for loved ones.