Top 10 Reasons Seniors End Up in the ER


Strokes, heart attacks, falls these are conditions we usually think of as landing older adults in the emergency room. But, seniors visit the ER for a lot of other reasons that may be just as critical, such as adverse drug effects, infections and COPD.

Caregivers should be aware of the symptoms that are most likely to lead to a serious diagnosis in seniors. If you have seniors under your care, this is a list of 10 conditions that you'll want to pay attention to:

1. Injuries and Accidents
Injuries, falls, traffic accidents, even exhaustion these are the types of acute issues that most often land seniors in the emergency rooms, according to the CDC.
The best solution to Injures and Accidents is PREVENTION. A Better Solution caregivers can be there to assist you or your loved one by driving to and from appointments, and staying with the client to prevent falls and injuries. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 365 days a year.

2. Heart Disease
Some of the most common symptoms reported by seniors in emergency room visits are chest pain and shortness of breath, both potential indicators of heart disease, which is still the leading cause of death in the US, as reported by the CDC.

Once diagnosed with Heart Disease you will most likely be put on medication and a restricted diet. A Better Solution can be there to remind you when it is time to take your medication and we can even prepare and serve meals that are customized to your needs.

3. Chest Pain
As mentioned above, chest pain can be a symptom of heart disease; it can also be caused by other problems such as heart attacks, injuries, blood clots, respiratory infections, or even gastrointestinal issues, according to the CDC and MayoClinic.

Chest Pain can be a very scary situation, especially if you live alone. A Better Solution can be with your loved one 24/7. Our caregivers never sleep, if we are on duty we are dedicated to watching over and listening to your every need.

4. Adverse Effects and Complications of Medical Treatment
Adverse drug reactions are a shockingly common cause of emergency room visits in the elderly, including unexpected side effects, interactions with other drugs, or inappropriate self-medication, as reported by the CDC and NIH.

Our vigilant staff of caregivers get to know our clients and their personalities. They will be the first to notice if something is just not right. Adverse Effect and Complications of Medical Treatment is all too common whether elderly or not. A Better Solution can be there for your loved one and monitor their condition.

5. Abdominal Pain
Digestive disease, food poisoning and infection can all cause abdominal pain or nausea; so can kidney stones, which may result from malnutrition, dehydration or other medical conditions, according to the CDC.

The elderly can become quite forgetful, leaving a jar of mayonnaise out on the counter for extended period of time and then putting it back in the fridge unknowing that the next time they go to use that jar of mayonnaise they will cause themselves severe Abdominal Pain and possibly food poisoning. With A Better Solution's services you can rest assured that these things will not happen.

6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
According to the CDC, COPD covers a number of conditions including bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic airway obstruction. Fatigue, coughing, and shortness of breath are some possible symptoms.

Like Heart Disease once diagnosed with a COPD you or your loved one will be on medication or possibly put on oxygen. A Better Solution can be there to remind the client to switch the tank from indoor/outdoor settings.

7. Pneumonia
Pneumonia is one of the most common upper respiratory infections to land seniors in the ER. Signs may be milder in older adults, and can include shortness of breath, coughing, and confusion or delirium, according to the CDC.

No one wants their loved one diagnosed with Pneumonia, A Better Solution will be with the client to monitor their daily health and hopefully catch any conditions that can lead to Pneumonia before they become severe.

8. Urinary Tract Infection
This is yet another major reason why seniors should make sure they are getting enough fluids 31% of seniors are chronically dehydrated, and one of the best ways to prevent UTIs is to drink plenty of water, as reported by the CDC.

Caregivers play a crucial role in the prevention of dehydration, it has been shown that a verbal prompting to drink between meals was effective in improving fluid intake. It is also helpful if the client has easy access to water or any other beverage they might prefer. A Better Solution caregivers know the importance of keeping the elderly hydrated.

9. Stroke
Stoke is the third leading cause of death in the US. It has a distinct pattern of symptom, which means a vigilant caregiver can often prevent long-term damage if the patient is treated quickly enough, according to the CDC.

A Better Solution caregivers are educated during orientation to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. They know to watch out for sudden weakness, abrupt loss of vision/strength/coordination/speech. The quicker a stroke victims gets help the better their chances at minimal damage.

10. Spinal Disorders
Back pain is another symptom that commonly brings seniors to the ER, whether the pain is due to an injury to the back or neck, a vertebral disc disorder, or an inflammatory condition such as arthritis, as reported by the CDC.

When it comes to Spinal Disorders pain management is crucial remembering to take medication on time can help prevent unnecessary pain and possible trips to the ER.

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